How to Use Instagram Live On a Computer?

Without a doubt, Instagram is the most popular and best social media platform to connect with your potential customers online. Creating Instagram feed posts, sharing stories, and tagging your customers in user-generated content makes brands more fun and interesting. More and more companies are using Instagram to grow their presence and grab their potential customers’ attention.

Another great feature that helps you to interact with your customers is using Instagram live stories. Brands use Instagram live stories to share live videos and get more interaction with their followers. However, Instagram is a mobile app that has limited functionality on the desktop version.

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So today, we’ll cover why using Instagram live stories is a fantastic idea and how you can use your computer to go live on Instagram.

What is the Instagram live story?

As the name suggests, the Instagram live story allows you to share live videos with your followers using Instagram stories. It enables you to share real-time footage and interact with Instagram users.

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Instagram also lets you save the recording footage of your live video as a regular Instagram story. It helps people who missed your live video to watch it later whenever they want.

What Benefits Do You Get from Going Live on Instagram?

Instagram hosts more than 500 million Instagram users every day. That’s many people to cater to if you aspire to get noticed on Instagram and grow your business. Instagram live stories enable you to engage with your audience in a fun and engaging way.

Most Instagram video features allow users to share only short videos on the platform. Using the live story option, you can share longer videos. There are many other benefits of using live stream videos on Instagram. Let’s find out:

It Increases Your Visibility Tremendously

Live stream video instantly boosts your visibility in many ways. After the latest Instagram algorithm updates, 70% of your Instagram posts are not visible to most of your followers. It means your efforts don’t get the required visibility. But, you can counter it using the live story option.

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The Instagram live story appears at the front of the story sequence. It improves your chances of getting seen by a lot of people. Also, when you post a live story, it’ll appear in a thick purple-colored ring. It makes the live story pop up among regular stories. Instagram also allows viewers to look for top live stories on the Explore page. It helps to improve the searchability of your live videos.

Boosts Your Engagement Rate

Any live content makes the entire video-viewing experience more engaging. It allows you and your audience to interact in real-time. The key factor of using social media platforms for marketing is to connect with your audience. Instagram live stories take this a step further and allows you to get personal with your audience. The two-way interaction with the audience makes your content more engaging and interactive.

Live Videos are More Authentic

Another reason to live stream on Instagram is that it lets you be authentic with your audiences. Live stream videos allow you to interact with them in real-time. It makes the video viewing experience more meaningful and authentic. Using this feature can enhance the trust in your brand manifolds.

Creates a Sense of Urgency

People tend to love live stream, and there are many shreds of evidence that supports it. One of the best things about Instagram live stories is that it notifies all your followers as soon as you hit the live option. It could create a sense of urgency and encourages people to watch your live video immediately. It can increase your engagement rate that can help you increase your follower base.

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And if you’re looking to enhance your Instagram followers, you can approach Instagram marketing services to buy Instagram followers. Instagram promotion services help to grow your Instagram followers and improve visibility. You can even buy Instagram comments and likes for a better engagement rate.

How to Go Live on Instagram Using a Computer?

Going Live on Instagram on a Computer is possible using two main options. You can either use Mac or PCs for the following options to live-stream your video on Instagram.

Using Android Emulators

One of the best ways to live stream on Instagram is to use Android Emulators on a computer. Using the Android Emulator allows you to install and use any of the Android apps on your computer. Once you install the Android Emulator, you can use the Instagram app and go live from your computer just like using your mobile phone.

There are several Android Emulator available online for this purpose. Find the suitable Android Emulator that works well on your computer and install it.

Using Third-party Apps

Another option to broadcast yourself on Instagram is to use third-party apps. Several third-party apps are available online to go live on Instagram. However, you must be careful because these apps require you to log in to your Instagram account. So only use apps that are reliable and trusted by experts.

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One of the best third-party apps is Loola TV that lets you broadcast on Instagram easily. Loola TV is an incredible social media management app that allows you to live on any of the social media accounts from your desktop conveniently and share your live stream footage using all of your devices.

Steps to Go Live Using Loola TV app:

  1. Open the Loola TV app and sign in to the app using your Google accounts.
  2. Now, you need to configure your social media accounts in the app.
  3. Click on the Gear icon on the upper-right corner of the dashboard.
  4. Now, it requires you to connect with the camera. Under the gear icon, you will find an option to connect to your webcam.
  5. Under the same Gear icon, you’ll find an option to connect your mic.
  6. Now, select the channel you wish to post your live stream video.
  7. Click on the Go live option on the upper right corner of the screen.
  8. You can live stream as long as you want, and to end the stream, click End on the upper right corner of the interface.

Live Streaming On Instagram From Computer

Interacting with your Instagram audiences in real-time is a great way to boost your brand reach. Instagram live stories increase your visibility and allow you to build authentic connections. However, Instagram is a mobile app, and its desktop version doesn’t have the feature to share live content. Going live on a computer requires you to use third-party tools.

Both Android Emulators and third-party apps make it possible to live-stream your content using a computer. You can use either way to live stream your video on Instagram.

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