How To Share A YouTube Video On Instagram?

Have you ever wondered how people are sharing their YouTube videos on Instagram? You have tried multiple times but got stuck every time. You’re not alone.

Whereas YouTube is the second most popular search engine platform only after Google, Instagram is the top social media platform prevalent among millennials. Both social media platforms are tremendously popular and valuable. You are probably using both platforms, so why not share your excellent YouTube content for your Instagram audience too? It can help you widen your audience and get more views on YouTube.

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Instagram is not a sharing-friendly platform. It allows its users to share the original content from Instagram. However, sharing content from other social media platforms on Instagram is challenging. Well! You don’t need to worry about it now. Today we are going to share the complete step-to-step guide on how to share Youtube videos on Instagram.

Why Should You Consider Sharing YouTube Videos on Instagram?

With a user base of over a billion people, Instagram offers incredible opportunities to reach broader audiences. Apart from it, there are 3 top reasons why considering sharing your Youtube videos on Instagram is a fantastic idea.

Taking help of teaser trailer

Creating a teaser trailer for your longer YouTube videos can help you attract viewers to watch the complete video. Or you can create a trailer to promote your YouTube video on Instagram.

You found something funny worth sharing

YouTube is the hub of great content. Sometimes you want to share something funny you stumbled upon on YouTube with your Instagram audience. So there you go!

Creating a Compilation video

Maybe you’re a cooking expert and wanted to share a compilation of vegan dishes on Instagram to make your Instagram followers interested in your recipe videos.

Steps on How to Share a YouTube Video on Instagram

Sharing your YouTube videos on Instagram takes a few steps. Let’s see how we can make this process a bit simpler and less time-consuming for you.

Get Your YouTube Video

To post your Youtube video on Instagram, first, you have to download the original video from YouTube. If you have tried to download a YouTube video earlier, you already know that you need to use third-party tools to make it possible.

Video downloading on PC

There are multiple third-party tools available online to download a YouTube video on your computer. Once you find the best third-party tool to download the video, you’ll have to copy the URL/link of your YouTube video. Then, paste it into the text field provided for downloading. The tool will search for your YouTube video using the link, and you can easily download the video on your computer.

Video downloading on phone

For Smartphone users, you can download a youtube video-downloading app from the play store or apple store. Now, you can copy the URL of the video you want to download and paste it into the text field available in the app. Now, choose the preferred video format and hit download to save the video on your phone.

Edit the Video in Instagram Compatible Format

Once you have the video on your device, you’ll have to edit the downloaded video as per the compatibility standards of Instagram. Instagram allows only a minute-long video to post in the Instagram feed. So you may have to shorten your video. Several editing tools are available online for this purpose. You need to find the most convenient one to edit the video.

Upload Your Edited Video on Instagram

After editing your video as per the Instagram requirements, the last step is to upload the video on Instagram. If you have edited the video on your PC, you can transfer the video to your phone. Now, open the Instagram app and log into your account to upload your video.

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Tap on the + icon at the bottom of your screen to choose the video. Here, you can add all the necessary tags, descriptions, locations, or any other details you wish to add to the video. Tap the share button on the top right corner of the screen to upload the video. And that’s all!

How to Share Your YouTube Video on Instagram Story:

Sharing the video is similar to the above process. Just take care of the format of the Instagram stories to make your videos look fun. Also, remember that Instagram stories are relatively shorter. So try to choose the length of the video accordingly.

  1. Choose your Youtube video and copy the URL of the video.
  2. Open YouTube downloader apps or tools and paste the URL in the text field to download the video. Download the video to save it on your mobile phone.
  3. Now, open your Instagram app and log into your account.

Then, go to your profile by clicking the profile picture on the home page’s top-left corner.

  1. Open your phone gallery by tapping on the icon on the bottom left of the screen and pick the video you wish to upload.
  2. Add the relevant caption and share your Instagram stories.

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You can also share your YouTube video similarly on different Instagram features available, such as Instagram Reels. However, you might need to change the video’s format in video editing tools supported by Instagram Reels.

Sharing the YouTube Video Using Swipe up Feature

One of the top favorite Instagram features used by Influencers is the Swipe-up feature. It allows Instagram users to share the link of their YouTube video directly. The person swiping up on the screen gets redirected to the YouTube platform instantly. However, to use this feature, you must have a base of 10k followers and above. Instagram users with fewer followers than 10k don’t have the privilege to use this feature.

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If you yet don’t have an Instagram account with 10k followers, you can buy Instagram followers directly from reliable sources. Instagram marketing service providers help to get more engagement on posts and videos. You can even buy Instagram likes and video views from them.

Sharing  YouTube Videos on Instagram

Sharing your YouTube videos on Instagram can help you cross-promote your content and keep your audience engaged without creating different content for each platform. You can create a collection of your old videos, create a teaser or share some inspiring content you think worth sharing with your Instagram audience. The only point you need to consider here is to edit the video in a suitable format. And, if you’re using someone else’s YouTube video to share on Instagram, make sure you have permission to do it.

Instagram may consider using such content without permission or copyrights as an offense. Your video will get deleted in such cases by Instagram immediately.

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