How to Make Money on YouTube? Super Effective Ideas!

It isn’t too wrong to say that YouTube is probably the top video-streaming service worldwide. There wouldn’t be a human being on the planet who has a phone and didn’t use YouTube to watch videos. The simplicity and ease of access are some of the reasons why the platform exploded in popularity.

Every day, viewers watch one billion hours of videos on the platform, generating billions of views. Statistics indicate, 90% of people say that they discovered a new product or brand on YouTube. These numbers say a lot about the audience base YouTube can offer. Many YouTubers are making a ton of money using the platform with a considerable audience base. With every 1000 views, a YouTuber can earn up to $3 – $5 on average. It may sound effortless to earn decent bucks through ad revenue, but it’s not.

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Fortunately, ad revenue is only one of the ways you earn money through video content. Let’s have a glance at some of the top and super effective ways to make money on YouTube.

Effective Ways to Earn Money on YouTube

Join the YouTube Partner Program with Adsense

Joining the YouTube partner program with your Adsense account is not the only way to earn money on YouTube, as we already mentioned. However, it is one of the top ways to get more revenue. YouTube allows you to monetize your video content on the platform via ads. Using Adsense’s advertising network, it places ads during the runtime of your videos. Every time a user watches the ad, the Cost per mileage (CPM) gets added to your total revenue. However, you will require to fulfill criteria like a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to monetize your videos through ads.

Selling Merchandise on YouTube

YouTube is a fantastic platform that allows you to create a brand of your own. Once you have amassed a solid fan base, you would be surprised to know how much it could help you earn through merchandised products. You can sell products like phone covers, bags, t-shirts, hoodies, and many other easy-to-create products on YouTube. You can get creative and stylize items with your logos, slogans, and graphics in Photoshop. Such products are always in demand and can bump up your monthly revenue like crazy.

Join the Affiliate Program and Review Products

Another effective way to create a source of passive income is to use affiliate marketing. The idea is to promote other company’s products on your channel and earn a set commission through it. All you need to do is pitch the idea to buy products and provide affiliate links on the video description to make a sale. You need not worry about the shipping, stock, or any other details. You can sign-up for different affiliate programs and start promoting the products through YouTube and earn money.

Allow Your Subscribers to Pay You Directly

Another effective way to earn a few bucks through YouTube is by allowing your subscribers to pay you directly. Using the channel memberships program, you can ask your subscribers to join membership in exchange for special badges, emojis, exclusive video content, live chats, and other stuff. Subscribers of your channel can also donate money through Superchats on live stream videos. You can sell your subscribers’ memberships once you reach 30000 subscribers and have acquired 18 years of age. Fans and subscribers love to show their appreciation for the content you create for them.

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Get Brand Sponsorships

A considerable part of Youtuber’s income comes from brand sponsorships. Brands and businesses always try to leverage the power of influencer marketing to promote their products and services. As you grow your audience on YouTube, brands will start reaching out to you to promote their products. If you have the required skills and expertise in your niche, brands will want to associate with you. They often pay good money for promotion. However, the charges can vary depending on several factors, such as your channel’s reach, your content quality, and the product type.

Sell Online Courses Or Educational Products

Another excellent way to harness your video content to earn more money is by selling digital courses in your expertise area. If you have the knowledge and skillset to impart your knowledge to others, most people will gladly buy your online program. You can choose the topics based on your niche. You can also share your experience and tips on creating a successful business via YouTube after achieving the same yourself.

Use the Paid Membership Programs

Patreon is another excellent platform that offers paid membership programs for YouTube content creators. You can easily share your content on the platform and ask your subscribers to join it. Create a Patreon account and then release your exclusive content for special members who can pay you the subscription cost. Most YouTubers earn a massive amount of money through Patreon subscriptions.

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Get Crowdfunding

Another effective way to generate revenue is to turn to crowdfund one-time or passion projects. If you have a fantastic idea that would require a financial investment, you can share your vision with your audience and run a crowdfunding campaign asking them to support the project. There are multiple sites that you can use to run the drive, such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe.

Allow Media Houses to License your Content

Media houses love to associate with viral content. If you get lucky to create a viral video, you can license your content to the interested media groups in exchange for more money. Big brands and media outlets are always on the lookout for engaging content. It is an incredible way to add a revenue stream through your YouTube videos. However, it’s not that easy to come up with a viral content idea. But, once it strikes, make sure to make the most out of it through content licensing.

Ways to Generate Revenue On YouTube

YouTube is an incredible platform to get exposure and make your content reach a broader audience. However, don’t jump the bandwagon for the sole purpose of earning money. YouTube video creation takes a lot of effort and video-making skills. You must first entertain the idea of learning the required skill set and have a novel content idea to flourish on YouTube.

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All the above ideas can work wonders if you are ready to put in your best efforts. Take action and create some stunning videos to engage your audience and use the above multiple ways to monetize your content. Once your channel starts getting high engagement levels, more doors will open for you to amplify your income. The opportunity to encash your content extends beyond the usual ways. With continued dedication and patience levels, your channel can grow a million times you ever imagined.

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