How to Increase YouTube Views? Hacks That Work!

There is no better place to create and share your video content than YouTube. YouTube is the second largest and popular search engine for people who look for information and entertainment on the web. With over 22 billion monthly viewers, Youtube is the best place to grow your brand and grab attention. However, getting decent video views on YouTube is tasking.

You can be posting excellent content and still not get the desired amount of views on videos. Multiple reasons can hamper your growth on Youtube. However, with dedication and desire to push through engagement plateaus, you can turn your YouTube channel into a massive success. Today, we will discuss a few hacks that can help you garner views and increase your visibility.

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If you are ready, let’s jump right into it!

How Can You Boost Youtube Video Views?

Optimizing the Channel is Priority

Optimizing your channel is crucial to improve your video ratings and help it rank in the search results. And when your videos are searchable, you can expect to get more views organically. By optimizing your channel we mean, using relevant video titles, tags, optimizing your video descriptions, using high-quality profile pictures, channel art, etc. Before publishing your videos on YouTube, ensure you research the relevant titles and tags to make them rank.

Make the Viewers Stay Longer with Playlists

If someone likes your video content, they are more likely to watch more of your videos if suggested to them. Playlists help you achieve that. Making your audience stay on your channel and watching more of your videos enables you to improve audience engagement. Organize your videos and create a playlist of videos on similar topics. When users have a direct link to watch related videos instead of searching them on their own, they will check them.

Optimize your Custom Thumbnails

Thumbnails are one of the essential factors why a person clicks on your video, among others. It is the first thing that viewers notice and judge your video content based on it.

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Creating a custom thumbnail for your videos with clear information about your video, attractive graphics, and stunning colors makes viewers click on it. Try to create a thumbnail that stands out and lures your audience right into it. Use a dedicated tool to create your thumbnails and make them as appealing as you can. You can use bright colors, clear fonts, and HD quality of your thumbnails to make them more clickable.

Upload Transcripts with the Video

There are all kinds of people on YouTube. Some people might want to look at subtitles to understand the video content better. The reasons can be different such as language constraints or some disability. If you plan to make your video get views worldwide, you can upload an SRT file with the video in other widespread languages. YouTube allows the viewers to toggle the subtitles on and off if they wish.

Again, Keep them Watching Using End Screens and Cards.

End screen and cards help you to keep the viewers on your channel for longer durations. Similar to playlists, you can direct your viewers to check videos available on your Youtube channel. It allows the users to see more videos published on the platform by providing links to other playlists, video suggestions, and your website. To add end-screen and cards to your videos, you can go to YouTube Studio and edit the existing videos to add links to more videos.

Use Other Social Media Channels to Promote Videos

Cross-promotion is always an excellent way to funnel your audience to check your video out. Many people prefer different social media channels to engage others. When you cross-promote your videos on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, it helps your audience on various platforms to watch your video. Some people might not be using YouTube actively. But, if they find a topic of interest on their active social media platform, they are more likely to watch it.

Start Adding Timestamps to Your Videos

Keeping your content relevant to the topic and searchable is crucial to reach a broader audience for your videos. When you use timestamps in your videos, you make it easier for people to stumble upon your video content. After Google, YouTube is the second most popular platform to find information. In 2019, Google announced that they’d start linking the highlights of your YouTube videos directly to the search results. Using timestamps, you can make your video content searchable for relevant keywords in Google as well.

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Perfect your Video Upload Timings

Uploading and publishing your videos at a definite time allows your target audience to watch the video when they are online. The best time to post your video can vary for each YouTuber differently. You can use the YouTube Analytics tool to find when your viewers are on YouTube and identify the peak viewership timing. When you start publishing your content a little early to help your viewers find your video at the perfect time. If you find the timings scattered over a long span, try a different set of timings and see when you are getting the higher view count on videos.

Analyze What’s Working for You and Replicate

It is another effective way to make your channel attract your old viewers is a two-step process. First, find a topic or video that generated a ton of views on your channel. Once you can figure out what worked for you in the past, double down on it and create a new video around the same topic. It only makes sense to serve your viewers with what already interests them. People tend to watch multiple videos around the same subject matter on YouTube. So why not provide them what is already popular with them.

Run YouTube Ads Campaign

If you are not willing to wait to get more views on your YouTube videos, you can try using paid YouTube ads. Yes, YouTube promotion will cost you some bucks. But, it allows you to get more views on your video by targeting the correct audience instantly. YouTube offers a variety of options to run ad campaigns for your videos. Even if you are already getting decent views on your videos, you can use these campaigns to amplify your reach.

Best Ways to Get More Views On Videos

YouTube is a creative and, most importantly, a competitive space. With many video creators joining the platform each day, it’s challenging to draw viewers to your channel. Try using the above tips and see how it works for you. We don’t expect each point to work for everyone. What might work for one YouTube creator might not bear the same results for others. Focus more on creating value for your viewers. Though, producing high-quality and unique content wouldn’t always garner the expected views. But, you must cover the bases first to help your channel grow exponentially.

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Does YouTube pay for views?

Yes, you can join the YouTube partner program to run ads on your videos through your Adsense account. However, to monetize your videos for the ad, you must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours on your channel.

What is viewers’ retention?

Audience Retention or viewers retention is the average percentage of people watching your youtube videos.

What is the best viewer’s retention?

On average, most channels have audience retention of over 30%. Try to aim for 100% Audience retention to get the maximum out of YouTube. It’s one factor that YouTube’s algorithm prefers to rank your videos in the search results.

How often Youtube pay content creators?

It’s known that YouTube releases monthly payments to content creators, most likely on the 21st of each month.

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