How to get more followers on Instagram?

How to get more followers on Instagram

Without a doubt, Instagram is an engaging, visual marketing channel for your brand and an opportunity to build a loyal audience for your business growth. With over 500 million Instagram users browse the app every day, making it a place to find potential customers for your business. The larger your Instagram followers grow, the more opportunities you have to engage with users and create unique experiences for them.

But, like many other social media platforms, gaining a vast following is a tedious process. Only the right approach and consistent efforts can bring the difference you wish to see in your follower count. Now your search for the best tips to get more followers ends here.

Start building your presence up the right way with these tips on getting more Instagram followers.

Optimize your Instagram account

You might find it cliche, but there is no denying that optimizing your Instagram account is the best way to get more followers. Many people tend to ignore their Instagram account. But, even before you set to finding out to gain more followers, you should have a fully optimized account. Imagine it is your website’s home page. Having a suitable bio, image captions, a proper username or profile image brings a personality to your brand’s identity. Keep your username search-friendly and use hashtags in your bio to make it easier for people to find your page. Even the link in your bio is your one spot to drive Instagram traffic to your site, so optimizing your account is essential.

Find hashtags that convert

One reliable and effective way to get followers on Instagram is to find relevant hashtags. Hashtags serve as a tool for discovery. It allows you to extend your reach beyond your existing followers. But, using any hashtag that you find on the internet will not get you the results. You have to find hashtags that your target audience is more likely to check. If you can make relevant connections with your post, they are more likely to follow your account. You can use hashtag analytical tools online to check the hashtag performance and usage data to see what’s working best.

Keep a consistent content calendar

The worst thing you can do is to your Instagram account is post content at irregular intervals. You would not want your existing followers to forget you at any time. Will you?

Posting content consistently to engage your followers is vital to make them stay. Maintain a regular posting schedule to keep your followers happy. Sticking to a plan will help you build a consistent experience for your followers and keep them engaged.

Avoid fake Instagram followers

There is a difference between an Instagram account having fake and genuine followers. It might seem tempting to purchase bot Instagram followers to increase the count, but it is a sheer waste of resources in the end.

Real people can share, like, comment, and engage with your Instagram posts. Additionally, these users enjoy it when there’s someone on the other side responding. On the other hand, fake followers show no sign of activity. These inactive followers stay put on your account and ruin your engagement rate.

Several companies allow you to buy real Instagram followers. Look for services that provide genuine followers that participate on social media. Unlike inactive followers, real followers make your account buzzing with activity. You can research for the services to buy Instagram likes and followers before making a decision.

Share user-generated content

User-generated content is the most fun way to gain the trust of your target audience. Posting such content puts your customers front and center. Seeing content from real customers increases your credibility and brings your brand’s promises into perspective. User-generated content also increases the likelihood of an Instagram follower becoming a customer.

Post at your best times

Considering the timings of posting your content is a unique way to reach your audiences and attract engagement. Use Instagram Insights to check when your existing followers are online. You can use Instagram analytics tools like Buffer for Business to find your best time to post with your Instagram data. It is beneficial if you don’t have a business profile on Instagram and no Instagram Insights access.

Learn to Use Instagram analytics

One of the best ways to grow your Instagram following is to post high-quality content that your followers look forward to enjoying. But, how do you know what your followers like the most?

The answer is Instagram Insights. It provides the relevant data to understand which posts your followers like the most. Once you notice a trend on your followers like the most, post more of those images, keep an eye on if your followers continue to like, and engage with them. If they continue to enjoy your post, there’s a high chance that they might end up following you for similar content.

Steal your competitor’s followers on Instagram

Another option to get more followers is seeking out your closest competitors’ Instagram accounts and engaging with their audience. As these followers are following your competitors, it means that they are already interested in your niche. You can steal your closest competitors’ followers by engaging with them. Resolve their queries and show your expertise to them. Try not to go overboard with it by bragging. Only try to offer them what they need, and there are chances they end up following your account.

Promote your Instagram account on other platforms

The most effective way to get followers on Instagram for free is to make it easy for people to find you. Your Instagram account should show up on all of your other social media profiles. If you already have a following on another social network, let those fans know about your Instagram account. Share your Instagram content and provide a link to follow.

Hop on trends for more followers

When an opportunity shows up, aligning your content with trending topics or hashtags can improve your chances of attracting more followers. Using the trend to get more followers, you also require to join the conversation in a meaningful way. When in doubt, ask yourself if your target audience would like to participate in the trend.

Grow an Instagram following for business growth

Instagram now has over 1 billion monthly active users. It attracts several brands and businesses that want to grow their presence and use Instagram as a channel to drive more sales. So naturally, the competition is high and makes it more challenging than ever to stand out.

But, the above tips and a dash of your creativity will take you ahead of the game in no time! Focus on connecting with your audience and create a sense of community. The more you focus on your existing followers and what they like, the more your audience will grow naturally.

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