How Many Followers to Get Verified on Instagram?

Social media is a game of validations. People on these platforms crave likes and comments to make them feel good about themselves. If you’re an Instagram user, you must have noticed a blue tick mark next to the name of a celebrity, brand, influencer, or global business on Instagram. That blue mark is another form of validation that most Instagram users crave but, only a few get it. The checkmark with their Instagram name is a verification badge, a status symbol for most people.

But why does everyone care so much about this simple verification mark?

The answer is to get identified as different from others. While having a verified account doesn’t mean you will get a better social presence, it helps your audience differentiate between original and fake accounts. It indicates that an account with a badge is the celebrity, influencer, or brand’s active Instagram account.

So, if you’re also one of those people looking to get your account verified, keep reading to learn more about it.

What is Instagram Verification Badge?

As Instagram maintains it, accounts that exhibit the verified badge “means Instagram has confirmed that an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.”

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In simple words, the blue tick provides you the authenticity of being a public figure, celebrity, or global brand. Any account trying to replicate your account will not be considered the same. Some exclusive features are available to only verified accounts or Instagram profiles with at least 10000 followers.

Who is Eligible to Get the Verification badge?

Anyone with an active Instagram account can apply to get verified on the platform. But, it doesn’t mean everyone can get the blue tick badge. Usually, most celebrities, sports stars, actors, global brand CEOs, politicians, and businesses can get the verification badge quickly.

As we already learned, anyone could apply to get their account verified, and there are no specific rules about how many followers you should have to get verified. Being a global public figure helps get approved quickly, but it doesn’t mean that you should have millions of followers to get a verification badge for your account.

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If you’re active on Instagram and have a recognizable brand presence, you will most likely get your account verified.

Benefits of Having Instagram Verification

For most users on Instagram, getting the verification badge looks cool. Apart from it, the verified account can benefit you in a lot of other ways.

  1. It sets you apart: Verified accounts are rare and make you a part of an exclusive group. Instagram doesn’t verify each account that applies for verification. It has its ways to offer the badge to some special people.
  2. Prevents brand theft: When you get your account verified, it makes your Instagram account look distinct. So, any imposter looking to copy your brand’s identity will not get the account verified. If you have the badge, Instagram will help you protect your account from such thefts.
  3. Adds a level of trust: Seeing this blue symbol next to your username is a symbol of faith. Even if someone is not familiar with your brand or business, seeing a verification badge adds value to your brand.
  4. Access to the Beta tools: When Instagram tests new features, it allows all the verified accounts to get access to the tools early.

How to Apply to Get Instagram Verification Badge?

The process of applying for the verification is quite simple. Follow the steps below to ask for the verification badge.

  1. First, go to Settings. You’ll find the Settings options after tapping the three lines icon on the top right corner of your screen at the Home Page.
  2. Now, from the list of options, tap on ‘Account.’
  3. Then, select ‘Request Verification’ from the given options.
  4. Now, once you tap on Request Verification, you’ll get a form to fill to submit for Instagram verification.

The form asks for the following details:

  1. Instagram Username: Provide the username of the account you wish to get verified.
  2. Your Full Name: Here, you need to enter your full name mentioned in the legal identification documents. If you’re getting your business account verified, enter the name of your company.
  3. Known As: Again, enter your name or the name of your company.
  4. Account Category: Select the category of your account from the dropdown.
  5. Valid Photo Identification: Here, you need to submit your photo identification document. Instagram lets you pick from passport, driver’s license, national identification card, utility bills, electricity bills, bank account documents, tax papers, etc.

Once you provide all the details above, tap on the ‘Send’ button. That’s all!

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Now, you can wait to get your account verified from Instagram. Instagram doesn’t provide a timeframe to complete the verification process. So, all you can do is wait to hear from Instagram.

Things to Consider Before Applying for Verification

To improve your chances to get the blue tick beside your name, you need to consider a few things.

Ensure you have an active social media presence and if not, try to build your digital identity and create a strong brand image. It will inflate your chances of getting verified.

Don’t run after companies that claim to sell you a verification badge. You will notice a few companies out there trying to offer the badge for money. It is not accurate. The only way to get verified is through the official form submission.

Look for ways to generate organic followers and engagement rate. Although numbers don’t play a crucial role in getting your account approved for verification, having an organic reach matters the most.

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Make sure that you have listed all the details about your brand and business on the Instagram bio. Optimizing your bio will make your profile more searchable and create a better impression of your brand.

Ensure that your Instagram profile is public. And, if Instagram has already turned you down your account to get verified, try again. Try to work on your brand’s image and make it look newsworthy.

Is it Worth Getting Instagram Verified?

Of course. There are plenty of benefits that you can get once you have the verification badge. It allows you to have more substantial brand credibility and better search results. The blue checkmark beside your name differentiates your Instagram profile from others. It makes it easier for you to reach people and your audience to reach you. Taking its advantage, it makes your profile appear reliable and draws more attention from the crowd.

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