How Many Followers On Instagram To Get Paid?

Over the past few years, Instagram has emerged as one of the most potent marketing tools from just being a photo-sharing platform in the beginning. Instagram has quickly amassed a huge active user base of over a billion people as the fastest-growing platforms. That’s many users waiting to know about your brand and what you can offer them.

With such numbers available on Instagram, businesses of all shapes and sizes don’t miss a chance to use the platform to reach their target audience. It makes Instagram one of the top social media apps to use your influence and earn money.

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But, exactly how many followers you require to make a decent amount of money on Instagram? This article will discuss how many followers you might need to earn and how you can improve your chances of getting picked by a different brand to promote their products.

Why Having Instagram Followers Matter?

Without a doubt, having a decent number of followers on your Instagram account says a lot about your account’s popularity. If you share your photos, videos, and other content regularly on Instagram that engages people, it means you influence them. When more people get associated with you and your content, they have a sense of attachment with you. Usually, these followers get so engrossed with influencers that they start trusting them blindly. It makes such influencers an incredible source of marketing. Everything these influencers advise or recommend has a massive impact on the followers.

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Having a considerable amount of followers also means that you have a broader reach. When you recommend or sell a product through your posts, it will get seen by a broad audience group. It increases the chances of getting more sales for companies. Even businesses tend to calculate the average earning per 1000 followers as it’s a top factor to determine an influencer’s impact.

How Brands Picks Your Profile?

When a brand picks your profile as their promoter, they want to generate more leads and sales through them. The more followers and engagement you have, the more are your chances of getting a deal. However, having a ton of followers is not the only requirement they look for in a profile.

  • The brand considers the niche of a profile too. Having a similar niche as their products and services makes you a better candidate to promote their products.
  • They also consider your account having a higher engagement rate than the average. It indicates that more people interact with you often and will pay more attention when you sell their products.
  • The minimum number of followers they want an influencer to have is above 1000.

A survey conducted by Podsquad indicates that you can get paid once, having a minimum of 15000 followers on your account.

Factors that Influence your Chances of Getting Paid

Getting paid for posts depends on more than one factor and varies for each brand. Apart from having 15k followers, one must also have a higher engagement level, similarity to the sponsor’s niche, and a unique style. Let’s find how these key factors influence your chances of getting paid by sponsors.

Engagement is the Key

Earlier, most brands used to look for influencers to promote their products based on their number. These days, brands are more focused on the engagement rate. For instance, two influencers having the same number of followers. But, one of them has a higher engagement rate than the other. It’s an easy choice for the sponsor to go with an influencer with high engagement rates.

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Engagement rate matters because having thousands of followers is worthless if they don’t show an active interest in your content. Having an engagement rate below 1% means your impact on those followers is low. Brand prefers accounts with a high engagement rate. A study shows that accounts with around 1000 followers usually have an engagement rate of 8%. On the other hand, Instagram accounts that boast millions of followers have a usual engagement rate of around 1.5%. Hence, most brands look for micro-influencers to get more sales and pay less to those influencers.

Your Niche Another Factor

According to the Hootsuite website, 81% of people use Instagram to help research products and services. Most of these people rely on Instagram influencers to get product recommendations. So if you know a thing or two about any niche, you can become an influencer in your niche and earn money by promoting multiple brands’ products and services.

However, one thing to notice here is that some niches are more profitable than others. Health, Wellness, Fitness, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Business, Wealth and Finance, Luxury, and Lifestyle are some of the most profitable niches.

If you belong to these niches, you can work with various brands and create a broad spectrum of content for your followers. Influencers of these niches witness tremendous success working with multiple brands.

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These days more brands are associating with micro-influencers to promote their products online.

Your Brand Identity and Style

Having a unique style of content is another factor that can influence your chances of getting paid. As we mentioned that some niches are more profitable than others. As a result, these niches are also the most competitive ones. Everyone wants to pick a more profitable niche. Hence, you’ll find more people targeting those niches to earn more money. Having a unique brand identity and style can set you apart from the crowd in such a scenario. Even audiences get attracted to accounts that are different from others. Presenting your content with a unique style can help you earn more money than others in a similar niche.

Is it Worth Getting Instagram Verified?

Instagram is nothing short of a treasure chest for influencers looking to make money online. Find the top influencers in your niche and take inspiration from them to create your account stand out. Start by focusing on the above-discussed points to increase your chances of getting picked by brands. Try to gain as many followers as possible by posting unique content regularly and paying more attention to improve your engagement rate. There are so many opportunities to come your way once you succeed in increasing your visibility on Instagram.

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